Not only does Springtime Cafe offer late night food delivery, we offer late night beer and wine delivery in Los Angeles as well! You’ll find the complete selection in the menu on our website. It’s just one more thing that makes Springtime Cafe one of the premier late night delivery providers in and around the Historic Core.

Did you know that the history of beer dates back to ancient Mesopotamia? That’s nearly 4000 years ago. Wine is even older, with evidence dating back over 6000 years. The history of pairing certain foods with these beverages is nearly as old! Both beer and wine can help bring out the flavor of a dish, enhancing the taste and elevating your experience. So in this ancient tradition, we’ve created a pairing menu featuring the beers and wine on our menu and available for delivery! See if any of these dynamic duos are calling your name.

Beer and Wine Pairings From the Springtime Cafe Menu

With Coors Light

We love pairing this American light lager with the Garden Spinach Wrap. The great thing about a Coors Light is that is can act as a pallet cleanser for your meal. That means taking a sip between each bite of your garden wrap will help you enjoy all of the fresh flavors in every bite, including the goat cheese, spinach, cucumber, and tzatziki sauce. The combination of the two won’t leave you feeling weighed down or overly full, either.

With Heineken

This is another pale lager available from our cafe, but this time it’s a Dutch brew instead of an American. Heineken has a clean taste that pairs perfectly with Chicken Alfredo Pasta. The light taste won’t weigh you down with the pasta, and the delicious herbs in our alfredo sauce are enhanced by the taste. We use angel hair pasta and a deliciously marinated chicken breast along with our homemade sauce. You’ll love the combination of flavors!

With Corona

This pale lager comes straight from our neighbors to the South, Mexico. That makes this beer the perfect option to go with our twist on the classic burrito: our Gyro Burrito. The Mexican lager brings out the taste of the gyro meat, and you’ll love how it enhances the garlic aioli and the flavors inside the dried tomato and basil wrap.

With Budweiser

A classic American beer deserves a classic American food! That’s why we recommend The Classic Burger with your Budweiser. We make our burger with a fresh beef patty, then top it with cheddar cheese, tomato, avocado, a spring mix of greens and our special sauce. There is something special about biting into a delicious classic burger and taking a swig of your classic American brew!

With Shock Top

This Belgian beer is a wheat ale. It has lots of citrus┬ánotes that pair wonderfully with fish! We recommend chowing down on our Salmon Plate with your Shock Top beer. We start with freshly marinated and grilled salmon and serve it with Brussel┬ásprouts and pita bread. You’ll love how the flavors of the Shock Top bring out the flavors in your salmon, making it an even greater eating experience.

With Modelo Especial

Another south-of-the-border beer! This Mexican beer has a slightly sweet, full-bodied taste. We think this beer is perfect for our Steak Plate. We use a center-cut steak that’s cooked to perfection. Then we serve it with our special Brussel sprouts and steak-cut potatoes. The salty steak cut potatoes will enhance the flavors in the pilsner beer. The crisp aftertaste of the beer is great for cleansing your pallet after the steak, too.

With Sutter Home Chardonnay

Chardonnays are perfect for fish and chicken dishes, thanks to their rich flavor and slightly citrusy tones. We think our house chardonnay is perfect with our Chicken Ceaser Wrap! The wrap is filled with our grilled and marinated chicken, plenty of veggies, and finished with parmesan cheese and Ceasar dressing. We wrap it all up in a garden spinach wrap. You’ll love how the wine brings out the herbs and spices in the sauce and chicken!

Looking for More Great Pairing Ideas?

Our team is here to help! If you want to know what beer or wine we’d recommend with your meal of choice, just ask us. We love helping our customers find the perfect pairings to enhance their experience with our amazing food. You can give us a call and speak to a member of our team for their recommendation. Or better yet, come visit our location in the Historic Core! We’d love to see you and help you choose the perfect beer and wine for your favorite Springtime Cafe dish. Make sure you sign up for our Five Star Loyalty Rewards Program, too, so you can get the benefits out of trying all of our recommended dishes and drinks!