On average Los Angeles takes in at least 47.3 million tourists a year. In just the last two years, LA saw a four percent increase in tourism. This sudden rise in visitors could be due to the large number of attractions in Los Angeles, such as: Universal Studios, Disneyland, Hollywood, and the many parks and beaches surrounding the area. These travelers come from near and far, spending hours, sometimes days, for the chance to marvel at our wonderful city. But in those hours, tourists can grow hungry. However, since they are in a new city, they often don’t have a clue where to eat. They could go to the high-impacted restaurants, but those are packed and can be incredibly expensive. Tourists should save their money for the rich experiences the city has to offer, not a lousy meal at a crowded restaurant. If you want to have a true Los Angeles dining experience that is both delicious and affordable, you should come to Springtime Cafe and here are some reasons why:



This is one thing we can claim with certainty: our food is delicious! Made with only the freshest ingredients, our food is sure to have your taste buds singing! At Springtime Cafe, we took all your favorite all-American foods; from burgers to chicken wings, to even gyros! But say your flight or drive has your stomach craving something a little lighter, well we also serve an array of salads and healthy wraps. Our menu contains dozens of scrumptious dishes just waiting to be tasted. Check it out!



Aside from serving absolutely delectable meals, Springtime Cafe also sells them affordably. We hold that coming to LA does not mean that your pockets have to be empty by the end of the trip. Springtime Cafe makes sure you get the nourishment you need, without breaking the bank. This is essential for traveling families who are trying to save money for souvenirs and attractions.



When eating at a restaurant you can count on two things: there will be noise and you will have to wait for your food. Restaurants, especially ones close to attractions, will always be packed. The last thing you need is to be crammed in a small space while eating your food. Springtime Cafe gives you a chance to have a relaxed environment away from the crowds, to enjoy a delicious meal.



Our location is hard to beat, as we are at the center of LA’s Historic Core. However, though in a largely populated area, our cafe provides an oasis from the heat and herds of people. So while on the way to any of the many attractions within the historic core, feel free to escape the chaos of downtown Los Angeles and step inside Springtime Cafe.


Springtime Cafe has much to offer a weary traveler. We provide a cool space where families can relax and separate themselves from the masses. Our location makes us extremely convenient to get to and is the perfect resting stop to rehydrate and gain energy for the day ahead. We know, that as a tourist, your day is long and tiring. Even if you’re up late, or simply do not want to drive to our location, we offer late night delivery services. Springtime Cafe is here, for all those who travel to the wonderful city of Los Angeles. Visit us online!