America has always loved to eat on the go. Our country is the birthplace of the drive-through and our car-dependent culture means that we’ve always enjoyed eating away from the typical restaurant setting. As time went on, we discover the joys of eating restaurant-quality food in the comfort of our own homes. It used to be that you had two choices when you wanted to get restaurant food at home:

  • Hit the drive-through window. Your options were limited to fast food that was usually unhealthy and questionable quality. If you wanted burgers, then you were in luck, because that’s pretty much all that was available. Even today, you are limited to a few choices at the drive-thru, although your options have admittedly gotten better over the years!
  • Call the restaurant directly. Not great for anyone who hates to talk on the phone, but the issues didn’t stop there. Slow delivery, mixed up orders, and cold food were all issues that plagued the takeout world. Giving your credit card information over the phone put you at risk for fraud, too.

What Takeout Looks Like Today

There has been a revolution in the food industry in the last five to ten years! Takeout is being replaced by food delivery. Restaurants all over the world are taking takeout orders thanks to the internet directly from their customers. Now you can find delicious food delivery near you anywhere in Los Angeles, thanks to your favorite delivery app or by ordering directly through the restaurant’s website. There are a number of advantages to this method:

  • You can really customize your order. Online menus have more space to display all of your options than a printed menu does. That allows you to see more menu items and customization options so you get exactly what you want to eat.
  • Fewer mixed up deliveries. It’s tough to take an order over the phone. You should try it sometime for yourself! The noise of the kitchen and the restaurant can compete with the voice of the caller, and suddenly “no mayo” sounds like “extra mayo.” It’s not only disappointing for the customer, it could be a health issue if they have an allergy issue! Plus, when you are putting in your contact information yourself, you are less likely to write it down wrong. So no more lost delivery guys!
  • It’s more efficient. You can put your order into most restaurants 24 hours a day; they’ll be able to create your food when they open. The online systems are usually much more efficient for the restaurant, too, so you get your food faster and hotter than ever.
  • You don’t have to sit in traffic to get your food. You don’t want to spend all day in an office only to spend all evening driving to get your dinner. For a couple dollars, a delivery guy will run it right to your door. You can stay in your pajamas and enjoy some evening television while you wait!
  • It’s much more secure. Instead of reading your credit card number out loud over the phone, you can simply type it into a secure website. That way no one sees your credit card number except you and your data is secure.

Food delivery isn’t just great for customers; it’s great for restaurants, too! A lot of restaurants in the Los Angeles area are seeing an increase in their business once they start to offer food delivery services. It allows them to reach a larger demographic than just those who want to come to their location for a meal. When more people learn about their restaurant and enjoy their food, it’s going to build more business both in food delivery and traffic in their restaurant. Getting the orders through an online system means it’s less disruptive to their business, too; they don’t have to stop to take a phone call when they are assisting customers in the restaurant.

Looking For Some Delicious Food Delivery Tonight?

Springtime Cafe is here to serve you! You can place an order with our restaurant in our easy-to-use online system. Choose from delivery or pick-up options and pick out everything you need for a delicious feast. We’ll get to work preparing it right away. Don’t forget that you can come into our Historic Core location and enjoy our food in person, too!