Maybe you’ve swiped right on a dating app or you are finally getting a chance to go out with your high school crush — either way, you may have to come up with a unique and clever date idea. Finding great, unique, and exciting date ideas are difficult to come by. Luckily, if you live in Los Angeles there are plenty of wonderful date ideas available. To help you plan the perfect date, we are going to highlight some of our favorite and unique things to do in the area. There is something for everyone in the City of Angels, like lovers of exploring, art, food, and history! And to make this deal better, we’ll let you take credit for these ideas so that your date will really be impressed. So grab your crush and consider doing one of the following date ideas in Los Angeles!

Date Idea #1: Head to the drive-in theater

Drive-in theaters seem like a keepsake of better times that were filled with milkshakes, popcorn, varsity jackets, and ‘going steady’. Drive-in theaters aren’t as common as they used to be, but Los Angeles has its share of these unique outdoor screens that still make for an amazing date night. Unlike seeing a movie at a regular movie theater, drive-in movies grant you the privacy to talk without interrupting others. Plus, most drive-in theaters are a double feature which means you get to enjoy two movies for the price of one! And, not to mention, there’s something about drive-in concessions that are incomparable! If you’re looking for a drive-in theater in LA, try catching a flick at Electric Dusk Drive-In in Glassell Park. This drive-in is the only one remaining in the city. Here you can order food from the concessions and watch — or don’t — great movies on the big screen with your date from the comfort of your car!

Date Idea #2: Take a hike

Unless you and your date are experienced hikers, we don’t recommend taking them on a long and strenuous hike. Instead, you should aim for hikes that are easy and offer great views. There are plenty of hikes you can do throughout Los Angeles that are simple and likely won’t cause you to break a sweat. Hiking is a great option for those with a budget as most hikes are free of charge. Hikes also give you and your date the chance to get to know each other. Hikes allow you to set yourselves apart, and create a memorable and personable experience for you both. Before you hike, consider learning about the interesting geological features, plants, and wildlife that’s in the Los Angeles area and share the information and facts you learned to impress your date! There are plenty of easy hikes that are perfect for dates in Los Angeles, like:

  • Griffith Observatory – This popular 2.5-mile trail is a great addition to any date. The path is located off of Los Feliz Blvd. and leads up to the Observatory and its views of the beautiful LA downtown skyline.
  • Wildflower Trail at Elysian Park – The Wildflower Trail at Elysian Park is a great option for a calm and personal date hike. This trail takes its occupants through forests of pine and sycamore trees. If you do this hike during the Spring,  you’re likely to catch some amazing SoCal wildflowers. Plus, since the trail is located right in the city, you’ll have plenty of options to keep the night going.
  • Solstice Canyon –  If you’re looking for a lengthier hike that still offers the easier trails, then Solstice Canyon may be for you!. This hike goes alongside a peaceful, flowing creek in a wide canyon. In addition, along with the trail you will come upon a small waterfall with unique ruins places close by. This wide trail is level and not too strenuous for beginning hikers, making it the perfect hike for a date with that special someone.

Date Idea #3: Paddle Boat In Echo Park Lake

If hiking isn’t your thing but you still want to keep the theme of nature for your date, consider going to Echo Park Lake.  Echo Park Lake is a great spot for paddle boating in Los Angeles. In addition to paddle boats, you can book a romantic gondola ride for two. Whatever you choose to do, Echo Park Lake is an alluring and special place. Paddle boating allows you and your date to get some privacy while experiencing beautiful nature and architecture.

Date Idea #4: Check Out Barnsdall Art Park

If you’re looking for a spot that offers astonishing views of the Los Angeles skyline, then Barnsdall Ark Park is the place to go. This East Hollywood attraction is one of the most underrated spots in LA for breathtaking views. If you or your date enjoys architecture, going to the art park will allow you to see Frank Lloyd Wrights Hollyhock House, his first-ever LA project. This is a main attraction of Barnsdall Art Park and is open for viewing with the purchase of a ticket. You can pack a picnic and spend a fun and exciting day with your date. Additionally, the park has occasional events, like wine tasting, outdoor movies, gallery openings, and more.

Date Idea #5: Geek out with vintage pinball

If you and your date are people who geek out over retro games, there are plenty of vintage arcades and arcade bars located throughout Los Angeles. You can find many arcades that have vintage pinball and arcade machines near great restaurants and bars in the heart of busy neighborhoods and areas. Pinball and classic arcade games are fun and easy to learn — yet challenging enough for longtime players — making if the perfect date idea for a night of fun and laughter. Plus, you battle to see who gets the high score!

Important: Don’t forget the food 

While it’s very important deciding what to do or where to go on a date, it is equally — if not more — important to decide where you will be eating. After a day full of hiking, countless hours of pinball, a double feature movie, or after spending some time in the park will leave you and your date hungry. While there are plenty of spots of delicious food in LA, there may not be a better selection than Springtime Cafe. At Springtime Cafe we serve modern cade favorites, like burgers, wings, and gyros with a tasty twist. Plus, Springtime Cafe is one of the best late night eateries in town. When you spend a day full of fun with your date, don’t ruin it by asking Siri, “Find a late night restaurant near me”. Instead, head right to Springtime Cafe for delicious food and drinks!