Do you fit the definition of a picky eater, or what scientists call “food neophobia?” Are you selective or reluctant to try new foods, even the free samples at the supermarket? Perhaps considering a New Year’s resolution to try more unique foods on your plate is in store! Whatever your reasons are, Springtime Cafe challenges you to amend your choices and diversify your palette!

Trying new foods

The culinary world is diverse as it is individual to the different cuisines it offers, as seen on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. Peru offers coconut tree grubs on skewers charred over an open flame. Iceland let’s Harkarl (Greenland shark) spoil first because it is poisonous when fresh, so you’re essentially consuming spoiled meat! Or, you could be a little less adventurous with horse rib and rectum sausage they make fresh in Kazakhstan.

If you’re ready to stick your toes in the water and transition from cheddar cheese to goat cheese, read more about why you should try new foods! Afterall, it’s not exactly a risky behavior, boiled down, what’s the worst that can happen? You can try a new food, and you either like it or dislike it. If you dislike it, you experience a taste or texture that doesn’t agree, you spit it out and move on!

Trying new foods gives you more friends

Variety is the spice of life with both food and people! The more diverse palette you have, the more likely are to have more friends. If you only eat American cuisine, how many people will always want to go to Applebee’s with you? Eventually, people will want to change it up and maybe go to Chinese food! Diversify your palette and gain more friends to go out with!

Be an example to your children

Kids are notorious for being picky eaters! Now, being a picky eater has not been linked to a specific gene, and likely kids eat to what they’re exposed to. So, if you yourself are a picky eater, most likely your kid is, or will be too! Be a great example to your kiddo and try new foods, even better, try new foods with them! Show your kids there is nothing wrong with liking spinach or onions!

Trying new foods will make you a better explorer

If you’re a wild and free wanderer and purveyor of exploration, you must love traveling! Think about how much more of a cultural experience you would have if you tried native foods? It can be as simple as trying pistachio gelato in Italy, or as bold as rabbit or lamb intestines (Cortella). Challenge yourself to try local food wherever you travel.Oftentimes, certain towns or villages make a specific food better than their neighbors or it’s completely unique to their region. Why not try a food that is offered nowhere else than that small village in Greece? It’s exciting, and exclusive; you’d have great tales to tell.

Trying new foods will make you more likable

Forbes Magazine names likability traits as: authenticity, being friendly and considerate, consistent, and lastly, being open-minded. Science says the more open-minded you are, the more likable you will be! So, staying open-minded about different cuisines and trying new dishes will make you all the more appealing to people.

Trying new foods won’t label you the “rude one”

Having dietary restrictions like celiac disease is one thing, but if you go over to your partner’s house and only pick at the salad, it makes you look a little rude! Being a good guest, is eating the food they make you and accepting their hospitality graciously. Some culture’s even find insult when the whole plate of food is not consumed. When you try new foods, you’ll never run the risk of offending those who made it!

Try Springtime Cafe

If you’re ready to venture off into new food territory, come in to Springtime Cafe and try all of our uncommon dishes! We offer pastrami or gyros burgers to a shrimp panini and half cornish hen. We’ll pique your palate, we promise! Be more likable, have more friends, be a more adventurous explorer, and influence positive food choices in your children all by being a little more open-minded with your food choices!

Accept the challenge and eat Springtime Cafe today!