We love creating delicious tastes in our Lost Angeles late night restaurant! We know the best tastes are the ones that we create ourselves. That’s why we stir up a lot of our own ingredients! Our goal is to provide something really special for anyone who orders our food. If you’d like to try some of our housemade items for yourself, here is where you’ll find them!

Homemade Items from the Springtime Cafe Kitchen

Mayo-Based Spread

Where you’ll find it: Gyro Paninis

Creamy mayo combined with plenty of herbs and spices makes this an excellent complement to our gyro meat. You’ll love the way it adds a little smoothness to the pile of veggies inside this panini.

Homemade Chips

Where you’ll find it: On the side!

We make our crispy, salty delicious chips right here in our kitchen. For a couple bucks, you can add these to the side with any of our sandwiches, wraps, paninis or burgers. You’ll love the crunch and flavor that we get into every chip!

Garlic Tomato Sauce

Where you’ll find it: Garlic Shrimp Pasta

Our garlic tomato sauce is a labor of love! With a yummy tomato base, we add spices and garlic until we achieve pasta sauce perfection. There is a reason that people order our Garlic Shrimp Pasta time and time again. It’s really that good, and the sauce is what makes it.

Alfredo Sauce

Where you’ll find it: Veggie Pasta or Chicken Alfredo Pasta

Who doesn’t love a little alfredo? The rich creamy taste is bound to make almost anything on the menu taste incredible. That’s why you’ll find this homemade sauce in not one, but two of our dishes! Choose the veggie or chicken pasta and we’ll make sure you get plenty of alfredo sauce to go with it.

Signature Dressing

Where you’ll find it: Kale Salad

Our mega-healthy kale salad is a treat to eat. It’s packed with veggies that will fuel your body and mind. But what really makes this salad is our signature dressing. It’s a mixture of oils and spices that perfectly complement the veggies and give them a kick that will have you enjoying every mouthful.

Shredded Turkey Patty

Where you’ll find it: Turkey Burger

Turkey burgers are amazing when they are done right! That’s why we decided to make our shredded turkey patty in-house. That way we could make sure we were delivering the very best turkey burger possible. The turkey is mixed with signature ingredients that work together to create a burst of flavors in your mouth!

Why We Believe in Homemade Food

  • Higher quality. When we can control what’s going into our food, we can ensure that our customers are only eating the healthiest, freshest ingredients possible. That translates into better food that’s better for them!
  • Better taste. Making many of our ingredients ourselves ensures that we can control the quality of the taste in every bite. We want to create dishes that people love to eat and want to have again. Controlling the tastes that go into those dishes means we are giving them the best experience every time.
  • Fresher food. Making items in-house means we can control how much we make, too. That means you won’t get a sauce that’s six months old because we made too much of it. We can ensure that’s we’re making just enough so every time you bite into a Springtime Cafe meal, you are getting the freshest tastes.
  • Real food. You don’t go out to eat because you can’t microwave food yourself at home. You come so you can enjoy a hot, delicious meal that’s made with a lot of care. We genuinely care about the quality and taste of our food, and making it ourselves is just another way that we show you that.
  • Happier customers. This is our ultimate goal! Without happy customers, our late night restaurant in Los Angeles wouldn’t exist. We want to make our customers happy with every meal they order, whether it’s at a table in our restaurant or through our website for a late night delivery.

Are you looking for a delicious meal? Whether you need breakfast, a mid-day break, or a late night meal, we have what you need. Visit our location or place an order online now!