There is a fallacy in nutrition in regards to the association between eating late and gaining weight. Variations of diet advice have changed over the years from eating your largest meal at breakfast, to not eating after 6:00 pm. It has been found that certain foods can actually accelerate your metabolism when consumed at night. Where then did this conventional wisdom spawn from, and who made this law?

A calorie is still a calorie, right? Wouldn’t it be more logical to consider what you eat, how much you eat, and how much you move, versus the time of day that determines whether you gain weight? Also, consider what people do later in the day. They likely come home from work or school and lounge, thus burning fewer calories. People are also mindlessly eating in front of the TV, in which they may be consuming more calories. Eating at night isn’t necessarily a bad habit, the issue comes from eating an increased amount of the wrong foods, while being less active.

So, don’t be fearful and type in “late night delivery near me” in your search bar, and find all the delicious late night eats Springtime Cafe has to offer!

How eating late at night can benefit you

Think low glycemic – What you eat the night before can actually affect your body well into the next day. So, not only will getting a good night’s sleep benefit you, but also what you eat at night. Making good, low-glycemic (foods low in natural or processed sugar and carbs) food choices at night helps regulate your blood sugar while you sleep, allowing you to wake with stabilized blood sugar, and able to make rational breakfast choices.

What to eat at Springtime Cafe that’s low-glycemic – The Classic Burger.

Make it low-glycemic by ditching the bun and opting for sweet potato fries, or a side salad. Skip the special sauce, as dressings are an insidious place to hide processed sugar!

Not all carbs are created equal – hopefully it’s understood that exercise and movement has a great impact on the way your body processes and metabolizes food. Where there is increased activity, your body switches what it does with the food you give it. Nutrients will soon be transported to the muscles for recovery, thus your muscles are able to healthily absorb more carbs. This will happen any time of day! If you workout late at night, not eating can actually damage the manner in which your muscles recover. If you notice increased soreness and you didn’t eat, they’re probably related. Half an hour post workout is the optimal nutritional time in terms of recovery, so don’t skip carbohydrates post late night workout — embrace healthy ones.

Springtime Cafe post workout recovery meal – Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Ditch the top bun and order sweet potato fries or a side salad.

Carbs at night are a delight – Not only will healthy carbs at night make for better breakfast choices in the morning, it can also influence your food choices throughout the whole day! Research has concluded that eating most of your carbs at night,  positively impacted hormonal changes that reduce hunger in the body.

Springtime Cafe’s pick for late night carbs – Chicken Alfredo Pasta. Eat half now with a side salad, and save the rest for the next day!

Build muscle while you sleep – One of the greatest disservices is the myth that eating before bed doesn’t allow for food digestion. This is a myth for a reason. Your body simply does not stop working because it’s nighttime! It is wise to consider not eating a “gut bomb” that leaves you feeling overly full, and disrupts your sleep; it’s all about what you eat late at night. Targeted protein consumption late at night can boost muscle building, and research — and bodybuilders — support this! To accelerate muscle synthesis, turn to late night casein protein.

Springtime Cafe’s pick for late night protein – Steak Plate or a glass of milk!

Springtime Cafe is your place for late night eats

Eating late can actually be good for your body! Choose more easily digested foods that leave you feeling good. Now that we’ve covered the benefits of late night eating, order Springtime Cafe tonight!