Thinking back to when you were a kid, you probably remember how your mother always lectured you on the importance of eating vegetables and healthy greens. As usual, we grew up to find that mom was right. Of course, we all know that eating vegetables and greens is a healthy choice, and an easy way to get a beneficial serving of your veggies is by eating a salad. Depending on what type of person you are, a salad may be a meal you prefer or tend to avoid. However, salads are a healthy dish that brings a ton of healthy benefits! Whether you are someone who can eat leafy greens every day or someone who will only eat salads on certain occasions, we are going to review some of the amazing benefits that come with eating a salad.

Benefit #1: Salads help you get fruit and vegetable servings

If you are someone who loves fruit and vegetables, you may find it hard to believe that some people struggle when it comes to eating a sufficient amount of vegetables and fruit in order to maintain a healthy diet. Eating fresh salads as a meal or as a side dish can make it much easier to attain the needed amount of servings. In addition, eating salads consistently supports and promotes a cleaner eating lifestyle.

Consuming dark, leafy greens and bright-colored veggies can help ensure that you are getting an array of essential minerals and vitamins that help keep the body and mind healthy. Plus, salads are packed with antioxidants! To get the healthiest salad, it is best to include mostly raw ingredients. Doing this will give you the vitamins and minerals you need while still providing a satisfying crunch that is full of flavor!

Benefit #2: Salads are a great source of fiber

Fiber is a great thing. It is best known for helping to keep food moving efficiently through your body and digestive system. It helps you full longer and is overflowing with benefits. Fiber is known to help prevent:

    • Heart Disease: Fiber can help lower cholesterol, which may aid in the prevention of heart disease
    • Diabetes: Fiber can help those with diabetes maintain blood sugar levels
    • Weight gain: Eating plans high in fiber are generally fewer calories and make you feel full faster, which can help prevent weight gain
    • Digestive issues: Consuming a sufficient amount fiber can help prevent digestive problems (We’ll just leave it at that)

By choosing to eat salads, you are choosing to give your body a great source of fiber, which can help prevent a range of problems, like the ones mentioned above.

Benefit #3: Salads have good fats!

Yes, there is such thing as good fat. And while many salad ingredients do contain fat, most of them are still of the healthier varieties than what you would find in other foods. The fats in salads, like the ones in nuts, avocados, and olive oil, will help you feel more satisfied and energized. The fats found in salads can help protect the body from chronic heart conditions and diseases, too. Salads also include plenty of fat-soluble vitamins, meaning they need fat to help with absorption. The fat helps ensure that these essential vitamins are making it to your important body systems.

Benefit #4: Salads are a good source of water

Many people are shocked to discover that eating a salad is a great source of water. For example, you may or may not know that a watermelon or a strawberry is made of about 92 percent water, while lettuce and other salad ingredients like cucumbers are made up of around 96 percent water. Eating a combination of fruits and vegetables in your salad will increase the water contents and help you stay hydrated, even when you do not have the chance to grab a glass of water. In addition, salads contain healthy vitamins that are not fat-soluble, but instead water-soluble, meaning water is needed to for the vitamins to be absorbed in the body.

Benefit #5: Salads are refreshing

Salads are made with cool ingredients which can help you feel refreshed during those hot summer days. When temperatures rise, it is still important to get the needed healthy ingredients and vitamins into your system to maintain optimal health. For instance, if you’re looking for the best salad in Los Angeles, you can beat the heat by eating a salad that includes dark, leafy greens, juicy fruits, and refreshing vinaigrette dressing. You can feel rejuvenated with a slightly tart salad or quickly become full by eating a salad that is rich in fiber. In addition, you can add delicious protein to your salads, like salmon or chicken.

Benefit #6: Salads can cut calorie consumption

If you are someone who is interested in weight loss, eating a healthy salad when you go out to eat or on the side with your meals is an excellent step in the right direction. As you know, salads have essential fiber, which will cut your cravings and make you feel full. Starting meals with salads will give you less room to consume higher-calorie options that are included in the main dishes and desserts. The leafy greens in a salad provide the essential nutrients without the calories. The fruit and vegetables added can make the salad more appealing and tasteful without causing you to pack on the pounds.

There are plenty of other benefits that come with eating salad. Not only are they overflowing with healthy nutrients, they also give your body vitamins and minerals, help with weight loss, keep you cool, and help you feel full and satisfied after eating.

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