Springtime Cafe offers a wine delivery service for people in the Los Angeles area, and not taking advantage of it would be a tragedy! Wine connoisseurs rejoice!

You know the scenario, you and your squad are playing a mean game of Cards Against Humanity, and with eight people, two bottles of wine is gone in a snap. The wine is gone, and you’re well into a third round of the game, so what do you do? It’s too late (and irresponsible) in the drinking game to do a booze run, so what are your other options? You could Uber to the nearest liquor store, or a more reasonable choice is to call Springtime Cafe! Not only can you order more wine, you can order food with it too; it’s the best of both worlds! Read more about why you need Springtime Cafe’s wine delivery service!

It’s the responsible thing to do

When you have a gathering, be a responsible host. If you need more booze, don’t let guests who have been drinking do a booze run. In California, 10,327 people were killed by drunk drivers, and one in three traffic deaths in the United States involve a drunk driver.

Even if you feel okay, 1.8 percent of California drivers report driving after consuming too much alcohol, and this is just from people who report it — it’s probably much higher. Be responsible for yourself, your guests, and other people on the road by not driving at all after consuming alcohol. Instead, use a wine delivery service, like Springtime Cafe!

You’ll save lives

There are not many plots in life where you can say you’ve saved a life, but when you use a wine delivery service, you save lives! Despite campaigns from Mother’s Against Drunk Driving  (MADD) or Drunk Driving Prevention Association (DDPA) in California, drunk driving incidents remain alarmingly high. Keep in mind when you think about reaching for your keys while impaired, when someone is killed by a drunk driver, they are not the only victim. Friends and family members are also greatly affected. So, do everyone a favor, and save a life by not drinking and driving.

You’ll save time

When you’re entertaining your squad, you’ll most likely want to spend the entire evening belly laughing with them about inside jokes and local politics. You won’t, however, have to spend time alone in your car going out to retrieve more wine that can hours, you’ll remember Springtime Cafe and have it delivered! You save time in the car, and have more time to spend with your crew.  

You’ll save wear and tear on your car

LA is known for its nasty traffic conditions, after all, it can take hours just to go 20 miles; traffic is such a headache. Because there is not a flowing traveling speed, and it’s mostly stop and go, you’re setting your car up for more wear and tear. Your tires and your brakes are having to work harder in stop-and-go traffic, so they’ll need more routine maintenance. Skip all of this, and let someone else doing the driving!

You’ll be more healthy

Sitting in a car, can be disastrous to your health if you do it too much. Your body is meant for regular amounts of movement, and if you’re commuting to work, and then have to run errands at night, you’re spending a lot of time in your car. When you stop moving for an extended amount of time (in the car and at work) it’s essentially signaling your body to shut down and prepare for death!  Prolonged sitting can cause organ damage including: the heart, pancreas and colon. Sitting can also increase your risk for certain cancers including: lung, uterine, and colon. In addition to these major health issues, sitting too much can also slowly cause brain damage, neck, shoulder, and back problems, muscle degeneration, and weak bones.

Sitting too much is compared to smoking cigarettes; they cause more harm than anything. So, if you’re already sitting too much at work, don’t ruin an evening with your friends by spending another hour in the car just for alcohol, dance away the night and call Springtime Cafe.

Springtime Cafe is here for you!

Call Springtime Cafe for wine delivery, and let them do the work while you enjoy your friends!